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Welcome fellow reefers to Spikes Corals a business born out of the “love of the reef”.  We are a located in Flowery Branch Georgia, which is about 45 minutes Northeast of Atlanta. Our small but efficient facility is comprised of  large indoor saltwater ponds, invert tanks, along with a quarantine system. Lighting consists of metal halide fixtures, T-5 lighting and LED fixtures.

      I have been in the aquarium hobby for 40 years.  Over the last several years my attention has turned to the saltwater and the reef hobby.  I have always felt a connection with the ocean and its unique, alien like inhabitants. 

     A large percentage of our coral and coral frags are aquacultured, grown in our system or others.   I have been focusing on buying coral from fellow hobbyists, LFS, and respected online vendors.  The coral you buy from us is healthy and "happy", and not a freshly cut coral frag that is stressed and then shipped.  We will not sell a stressed or sick coral, and will proudly refund your money if your coral perishes within 14 days of receiving your specimen, (per or guarantee guidelines). 

     I hope you will purchase and enjoy a coral from us. Please contact us at with any comments, questions or suggestions.  We are also available by phone at 770-561-2463 Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Eastern Standard Time.  But we do often work later or on weekends so feel free to call. If no answer please leave a message, We are probably fragging, or packing and will return your call when our hands are dry.


Thanks, Glenn "Spike"  and Kim "Montipora Momma"

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