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Shipping Information

We currently ship our coral Monday through Thursday to the 48 continental United States.  We do not ship to Alaska, Hawaii, APO addresses, Post Office Boxes, Puerto Rico, other U.S. territories, or other countries.

Shipping for most of the country is by FedEx overnight is a flat rate of $34.99 for orders under $240.00.  Overnight means next day delivery by 3:00 p.m. to most U.S. addresses, later times for remote areas. We do require a minimum $100.00 coral purchase (before any shipping charges or taxes).  Any order under $100.00 is charged $50.00 for shipping. Orders for customers within 150 miles of our location will be shipped ground for a cost of $15.99, on orders that are able to ship next day ground any purchases over $120.00 have free shipping.  It may be possible to schedule a Saturday delivery. There will be an $15.00 fee ( all FedEx charges) for a Saturday delivery. Details of a Saturday delivery needs to be ironed out between purchaser and Spikes Corals. Please e-mail us  or call 770-561-2463. Your area may not be available for a Saturday delivery through FedEx.

 Every customer should think about having their packages delivered to the closest FedEX location to minimize on-truck  time. This will also minimize the chances that a delivery driver leaves a package outside in bad weather. A package delivered to a FedEx location can be picked up at an earlier time. If you decide to have the package delivered to your home, someone will need to be there to receive your order.  We are not responsible for failed deliveries or refused packages.

We simplify shipping by charging a flat $34.99 fee via FedEx  Overnight.  No extra fees such as fuel surcharge, handling, or box,  Typically shipping will cost much higher but we absorb the extra cost to simplify the order process. If your order exceeds $240.00 then your shipping is totally free

Shipping for most of Georgia, parts of Alabama, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, and Tennessee can get next day ground service for a charge of $15.99. The package can be delivered as late as 6 p.m. . Also with the next day ground shipping there is the availability of Saturday delivery at no extra charge. Please see FedEx map (our zip code is 30542) to see if you are eligible for next day ground shipments. Also next day ground orders minimum purchase amount is only $50.00.

We ship only healthy high quality  specimens using cardboard shipping containers lined with a Styrofoam cooler.  Box is labeled “perishable”, “this side up”. Also we write "LIVE FISH" on the box, reason being if box is in the hands of an individual with no coral knowledge they should know to keep a live fish from being exposed to radical climate conditions.  Each specimen is at least double bagged with enough water to make the trip, along with packing material to stabilize the specimen.  With the intent of keeping movement in the shipping container to a minimum.  Depending on the weather conditions your order could  be shipped with a heat pack or a cold pack. The shipping box will also contain a shipping ticket detailing the corals/fish/invertebrates you are receiving along with a copy of our acclimation guide. 

Typically orders are shipped within 2 business days of order being placed.  If you want a specific date please include in your order notes, or drop us an e-mail. We will not ship your order until you have been contacted and delivery date confirmed by both parties. Our inventory changes daily and we try and keep up to date with stock levels.  But there are instances were the coral you purchase is sold out. If this does happen we will not substitute, but will contact you via e-mail or phone concerning satisfying your order.   Whether purchasing another coral or refunding your money.    

On the day of shipping you will receive an e-mail containing the FedEx tracking number so you can make arrangements for someone to be able to receive your order. We are not responsible for any shipping delays that may occur while in transit.





We process all payments through Pay-Pal.  PayPal is a secure online payment processor for transactions between buyers and sellers. If you do not have a PayPal account there is no fee to join, and no additional charges for purchases.  PayPal also does not reveal your financial information to sellers. In addition Spikes Corals does not collect or keep any customer financial information.


Our Guarantee

We offer a 14 day money back guarantee on all of our coral.  So buy with confidence.  Your specimen will arrive alive and live for 14 days or we will issue a refund on the purchase.  We do not refund or offer credit on shipping costs.

Our Fish and Invertebrate guarantee is an arrive alive guarantee. Allow time for the specimen to recover from shipping stress. If the Fish and/or Invertebrate does not make it you will receive refund on the specimen. 

Terms and Conditions of Guarantee:

  • Please carefully read Terms and Conditions.
  • By ordering from us you accept our guarantee polices.
  • Customer must sign for package on first delivery attempt, even if FedEx is late.
  • Customer must follow acclimation procedures and tanks water must be within the following parameters:

             Temperature:     75-80 degrees

             Ammonia:           0.0 ppm

             Nitrate:                0.0-30 ppm

             Nitrite:                 0.0 ppm

             pH:                       8.1-8.4

             sg:                       1.021-1.026

  • Please do not discard deceased specimens without our consent, this will void our guarantee.
  • Please freeze deceased specimen while you wait for refund authorization.
  • It is your responsibility to provide proof of deceased specimen.
  • Guarantee begins the day you receive shipment.
  • To file a claim for Coral death you need to e-mail before the end of the 14 day guarantee period. The e-mail needs to include your full name, order # if possible, the name of the lost item, and a clear digital photo, in jpeg or gif format.
  • To file a claim on Fish and Invertebrates please contact us by phone or e-mail within 4 hours of receiving your order. Please make sure you provide full name, order # if possible, what was lost, and a clear digital photo.
  • We do not offer refund or credit for shipping costs.
  • We do not guarantee coral colors:  We take our photos from top down angle, using a Nikon D40, typically with a Tamron 90, or a Nikkor 18-55 lens.   Images then are cropped and resized.  The corals are grown under a metal halide 20k bulb.  Photos accurately represent the color of the coral in our system. Colors will differ somewhat in every system for numerous reasons.  Such as type of lighting, Kelvin rating, age of bulbs, distance specimen from light source, along with viewing from the tanks glass/acrylic surface.   Due to such conditions we cannot guarantee the exact color of you specimen.  Spikes Corals does encourage the use of 20K , t-5 full spectrum, LED, and/or actinic lighting to enhance the color of your corals. In some instances we will take an image of a coral under actinic lighting. In an attempt to duplicate the colors of that coral under actinic lighting in your home aquarium. 
  • Our guarantee is only applicable to shipped orders, and applies to orders placed on website only.
  • You may be required to mail us a sample of your water.

        •  Prior to poor weather conditions we will contact you with our concern for the safe delivery of your new tank inhabitants. With the suggestion we delay delivery or ship to a FedEx Office location. After we express our concerns and the customer decides for us to go ahead and have their order shipped to their location, we will not be a guarantee any coral associated to that order.

Thank you for visiting us and we hope you enjoy your new purchase.





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