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Coral arrived, great frags, great prices,you packed well, not one broken piece and all are encrusting on your plugs. I was beginning to wonder if anyone still waits to sell, I see a lot of cut pieces just glued and sold , and not doing well, your sunset montipora opened minutes after putting it on a frag rack. All your pieces show nice color too. Thanks John (New Jersey)  

I received the corals, and they look great... everything looks great, and every single head is completely open!!! Thanks for the DM's! Love the
look of them and their colors really do pop out at you!Thanks so much, great customer service you will 150% be receiving my business in the future.

Joe (North Carolina)

Hello, I purchased a Pokerstar Montipora frag from your setup yesterday at the MTRC Frag Swap.  Im tickled to death with it, already has great polyps
extension.  I mentioned that you guys were my favorite website to shop on, and after seeing your selection and having a great, albeit short, exchange
with you guys I will be a loyal customer for long to come.  Thanks again guys, keep up the good work.

John (Tennessee)

Thank you for our coral!! They arrived, acclimated and are already open! Thank you for the free monticap also and it was a color I would have picked :)
Kelly (Georgia)

Received my order of sps corals about three hours ago. These are all very nice frags. They all are in great shape,healthy and colorful.  Thank you so much for the
free acro. You can expect to hear from me again, as Spikes Coral is now my official supplier for my coral reef.  You guys do it right.  Keep up the good work.  Thanks again, 

Vince (Mich)

The shipment arrived just fine.  Everything looks great.  Thank you so much for the free Keds Reds.  It was a pleasure doing business with you.  I am sure that when my wife allows 
me to spend more money we will do business again.
  Gary (Utah)

Just wanted to say thanks for the last order I got from you! Everything was really nice and I love the prices. Thanks for the freebie you threw in as well. 
Nice to see someone still has customer service in mind. It definitely brought me back.
 Zak (Texas)

My corals arrived in great shape and were opening about 2 hours into their drip acclimation. The next day everybody was out and showing off!  thanks so much for the
freebie...I gave up on zoas because they never would open for me and eventually would melt away (from other sites) but yours are awesome! and your prices are great!
Thanks so much! Will order from you again!

Shandila (Texas)

Thank you so much! They are just as advertised unlike some sites. I also loved the freebie! You guys Rock!

Bradley (Georgia)

Wow! The corals are absolutely amazing seriously super impressed:) idk where to leave a review but you let me know and I will! Thank you so much for always sending top notch stock.

Stephanie (Iowa)

Sorry I didn't let you know sooner, but once again everything is really amazing! Been really busy, but wanted to let you know that all looks great and my friend was really pleased with the pieces I got him. You have such a great selection and those pink & gold palys and also the mindblowing palys are too cool! I really like the raccoon eyes and the red skirts too.Thanks so much for the extras too, you're the best! Look forward to next time! Thanks again, Laurene (Illinois) 

Hello Glenn, I just wanted to tell you thank you for the free purple polyp monti, And also for getting the blue caribbean zoanthids, I have been trying to locate those for about a year, everything is doing great and they really are amazing!I willbe sure to get more corals from you at future date.... Thank you Jonathan (South Carolina)

Well, Spikes Corals does it again. I asked for a few days hold on my order and had it arrive (no way to tell ahead of time) in the midst of Hurricane Sandy. Corals came in early afternoon, I acclimated and dipped as instructed, and three to four hours later, voila, great looking montis and zoas zoas (thanks for the freebie!), as well as the others. Colors were sharp, polyps were extended, with no dull, sick, or dead corals. (IMO, WYS is not WYG. If you like what you see, you're gonna LOVE what you get). Add consistency, reliability, and great customer service on top of great deals and you've got a Spikes. Rod (Florida)


just received my coral and im very impressed , i really preciate the extra monti , i will be buying from you again for sure. also let me know if ya come across any larger frags ill buy them. thanks for all your help Taylor (Georgia)   

Spike. Thank you so much for my order and the bonus tc valida...

My tank had no back up supply and died over the summer when we had a 4 day outage. I started a new one and am populating it. My heart ache is giving way to big smiles
tonite !!!!!Your corals arrived warm and amazingingly healthy. All except the spongeodes (they are shy) popped open within minutes under my led system. Stunning color.  A thousand thanks....I definitely will order from you again.

From Steve ( Michigan)

Hey Spike,
What can I say? Once again everything looks fantastic! The montis you sent are gorgeous and everything else opened up in less than an hour and looks great.
I've never been disappointed by you. The freebies you sent absolutely made my day! Thanks again and really appreciate it,
 Laurene (Illinois)

I just wanted to thank you for the corals the have only been in about an hour now and all the polyps have opened fully and the ricordea have came
all the way. They are all beautiful thanks for the freebies too! I look forward to doing business with you again!
 Chad (Georgia)

Received my package today and just wanted to say thank you so much. It was like Christmas for me. Looking forward to more purchases with
 Carrie (Arkansas)

Thanks for another shipment of awesome corals. I am super pleased! Everyone made the voyage unscathed and in perfect shape. I'll be buying 
more soon! Thanks so much
 Josh (Montana)

I received my order today and everything looks great. Thank you so much for everything. Being new to reef tanks I am very happy with the way my 
tank now looks and cant wait for everything to grow. I am sure you will be hearing from me again. 
  Jim (New York)

I want to thank Spikes corals for great corals, professional customer service, and excellent prices. I'm happy to be your first sale to 
Montana! These frags have been in my sump acclimating for the last 20 minutes and they are already opening up! I appreciate the freebie frag 
too. I definitely will be buying more soon and will refer anyone to Spikes corals. Thanks so much.


Just wanted to let you know that I just recieved the coral and everything looks great!  Thank you so much for the freebie Lunar Eclipse!  Love those!

Amber (Colorado)

Hi Spike, just thought I'd let you know how great these corals look. They are really healthy and they are exactly like they looked on your web sight. 
The last time i bought corals on line they didn't look anything like they did on the web site and when I complained they told me I needed better 
lighting even though they had no idea what I had. Great to do business with you,your service was outstanding, and I will definitely buy from you again!

Karen (Illinois)

I just received my order that was placed yesterday and everything looks fantastic. These are some of the better frags that I have ever received and I also wanted to thank you for the extra frag that was thrown in. Ordering from you was made simple and I will absolutely order more in the future. Thank you guys very much for everything Chris (New York)


Thank you so much!! Within an hour of the lights being on every single frag was open and happy. The colors were even better than the pictures! thanks bill Bill (Ohio)

I received the corals this AM, placed them in the tank this afternoon, and all were open and happy (and very healthy looking) in about three hours.
Thanks again for the prompt response and excellent service. These zoas and palys were all WYSIWYG, but you actually gave MORE than what was pictured.
Thank you again, and you can bet I'll be a repeat customer.

Rod (Florida)

Hey Spike and Crew, Just want to send you a note to let you know how HAPPY I am with my order.......within 2-3 hours they all opened up and showed their beautiful> awesome colors!! I also bought 3 Florida Ricordeas back in May from you and they also are doing fantastic... everything arrived safe,happy and healthy! Thanks have a very happy customer here! Bob :) (California)

















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